How to ship your wakeboard boat safe and secure

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Everyone who has landed on our blog and been on our Facebook knows what we are all about.  We all share the same passion for wakeboarding and the boats that make all the magic happen.  Whether you are riding a messy wave behind an outdated boat, or riding the ultimate wave behind your brand new SE Roush. There is one thing for certain and it’s that you love your baby. And by baby you know that means your wakeboard boat.  Anybody who owns a boat knows that it is very important to take very special care of it.

That’s why we created this guide on how to ship your wake boat safe and secure.  Every time your captain circles around to pick you up for the next set to attempt that new trick you have been trying to nail, you wouldn’t want to see an unsightly scratch or dent on the starboard side. Even worse you would definitely want to avoid having to get any re constructive work done to the hull which could change the wake your baby makes.  The point is that shipping a wakeboard boat is a delicate process and this is guide to help you make sure no damage is done.

What to do

First you will need to choose a shipping company that has a good track record and experience with shipping boats both internationally and within the USA.  A good company will walk you through the best options depending on where you are shipping the boat from and where you are going.  You will want to talk with a shipping specialist about the measurements of your boat.  Extra costs may occur due to the height of the wake tower. It may be worth it to lower the tower down to save money on the transport but make sure the tower is properly padded and is tied down tight. Follow the steps bellow to make sure that your boat will arrive in the same condition as when you said your goodbyes.

  • Disconnect your tower speakers, amp and subwoofers. It is not recommended to ship these items with the wakeboard boat.
  • Drain all ballasts of water.
  • Drain the fuel tank and make sure you take note that it is empty on the other side.
  • Disconnect all electronics including an alarm if you have one.
  • Remove all loose items that may shift during the shipping process. It is not recommended to ship the wakeboard boat with any loose materials such as wake surf boards.
  • Shrink wrap the wakeboard boat to prevent damage from moisture and salt water which can cause abrasion. This will protect the interior of the boat as well. For the extra cautious use a bubble wrap under the shrink wrap to protect the gel coat just in case.

Guest blog by Chris Ward. Also want to put a guest blog on our site? Please contact us!