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2021 Connelly Carbon V Waterski

2021 Connelly Carbon V Waterski
2021 Connelly Carbon V Waterski
2021 Connelly Carbon V Waterski
2021 Connelly Carbon V Waterski
2021 Connelly Carbon V Waterski
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The Carbon V utilizes our latest slalom geometries, core technology, fiber blends, along with drag reducing designs like V-Tech to create a ski that performs a step ahead of other mid-range skis. Skelecore, our advanced core shaping process, reduces the overall mass of the core allowing the fibers of the ski to flex quicker and more naturally. The 50/50 carbon/glass blend is light and responsive for peak course performance but can absorb chatter on imperfect water.

Riding Style: Competition
Profile: 50/50 Carbon/Glass
Ability: Advanced
Recommended Speed: 51-58kmh


  • Skelecore technology
  • 50/50 carbon/fiberglass layup
  • C.A.P.T. (Connelly Advanced Profile Technology)
  • Polished speed base
  • V-Tech
  • Wide tunnel
  • Variable bevel

V-Tech is the key to increased maneuverability and decreased drag. Six “V” shaped steps regulate the flow of water on the base of the ski by breaking up the wetted surface area from the front binding to the fin. In short, less water sticks to your ski as you accelerate forward.

Blending an equal mix of carbon and fiberglass creates a fast, responsive ski with consistent, smooth flex that won’t chatter on imperfect water.

Skelecore is our new advanced polyurethane core shaping technique that reduces the overall mass of the core, allowing the fibers of the board to react quicker and more naturally.

This tunnel design leaves an extremely narrow flat spot between the edge of the tunnel and the bevel of the ski. The effect is a ski that actively seeks to be on edge, most useful for experienced skiers and buoy chasers that have above average ski control.

Wakeboard specs
ConstructionPU / Carbon Core

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