2021 Ronix Supreme ATR Sandwich Core Wakeboard

-10% 2021 Ronix Supreme ATR Sandwich Core Wakeboard

2021 Ronix Supreme ATR Sandwich Core Wakeboard

A delicatessen created by 3 Michelin Star Chefs Tyler Higham and Jake Pelot. A new school shapeinspired by an emerging riding style that’s a combination of an explosive take off, with the feel ofyour favorite woodpark board. The result is the only Sandwich constructed wakeboard on themarket featuring a light and lively Air Core that runs tip to tail through the middle of the board,and wood running the length on the top and bottom. A rocker line unlike any other,with a bigflat spot on the outer rails of the board so riders that approach the wake on edge can experiencethe perfect vertical take-off. Then the middle of the board has a progressive continuous rockerso that riders that come into the wake flatter willget a smoother, out into the flats, jump.

Riding Style: Boat / Advanced
Construction: ATR Sandwich
Rocker: Hybrid
Energy : Instant : 7


  • Hybrid - Continuous Middle /3-Stage Outer Rocker
  • Sandwich Construction
  • Air Core 3
  • Paulownia Wood Core
  • 4 Fiberglass 1.0” Ramp Fins & 4 Fiberglass .8” Asymmetrical Fins
  • Tip/Tail Speedwalls
  • Tip/Tail Concave
  • G&R Technology

Sandwich Tech
The only core in wakeboarding that uses a full sheet of wood on the outside is sandwiched in the middle with lightweight reactive PVC. The result is a stronger connection between a rider’s board and the water with effortless transfer off the wake.

Hybrid Rocker
A combination of the traits of 3-Stage and Continuous rocker lines. Designed for a high-end rider that depending on how they edge into the wake will dictate what style of snap off the wake they are looking for. Also designed for a mid-level rider that isn’t sure what style of hangtime they are looking for.

Instant Energy
Instant energy takes place the second the tip of the board hits the wake. Riders like Danny want a fuse stringer board made extra stiff. This allows a quicker way to generate lift off the transition as the energy takes place sooner with a super firm snap off the wake. For riders that can handle the added kick.

Color Teal
Gender Mens
Season 2021
Wakeboard specs
Construction ATR Sandwich Core
Level Advanced/Expert
Rocker Hybrid Rocker
Type Boat

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