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2022 Radar Senate Pro Build Ski

2022 Radar Senate Pro Build Ski
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2022 Radar Senate Pro Build Ski
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  • Model: 77798
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  • EAN: 0711221330097

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PMI foam is undoubtedly the lightest, most responsive foam on the market. We wrap that foam in Textreme spread tow carbon to make this Senate the fastest, most aggressive Senate we’ve ever created. Now those skiing 28-34 MPH in the course truly have a racecar of a Senate to write home about.


  • PMI Core - Lightweight, high density, most response.
  • Textreme Carbon - Lighter, stronger composites.
  • Carbon Rods – Zonal flex for the optimum layup.
  • Bio Resin – Plant based and better.
  • Radar Lab Made – Thanks Herb.
Wakeboard specs
ConstructionPMI Foam Core w/Carbon

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