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2023 Liquid Force Bonzer 4.6 Wakesurfer

2023 Liquid Force Bonzer 4.6 Wakesurfer
2023 Liquid Force Bonzer 4.6 Wakesurfer
Ex Tax: €950.37
  • Availability: Backorder
  • Model: 16948
  • EAN: 13576529073

Welcome to your future's past. The Bonzer Bat is a new take on a classic surfboard design.

The Bonzer Bat uses a double concave venturi hull exits at the tail and corners of the board giving you maximum propulsion and speed. This allows the board to be as narrow as possible and go rail to rail quickly and easily. Keeping a pointed nose tip shape and higher nose rocker line, the Bonzer Bat is catch free for aggressive off the lips and powerful bottom turns. The Angled Stubby fins accentuate the venturi effect into 3 dimensions giving you great hold into the turn and more speed out of it. Add in the Carbon Wrap to help protect the tail, The Bonzer Bat gives you the best opportunity for your most aggressive surf session yet!

  • EPS Foam with Surf Stringer
  • Bonzer Hull
  • Carbon Tail Wrap
  • Carbon Bottom Tape
  • Bat Tail
  • Fiberglass Hand Lamination
  • EVA Surf Traction Pad
  • Sizes: 4'6" | 5'0"

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