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2023 Slingshot Windsor Wakeboard

2023 Slingshot Windsor Wakeboard
2023 Slingshot Windsor Wakeboard
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  • Model: 21033
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  • EAN: 0840362169584

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The Windsor is based off of one of our most popular park boards, the Coalition, but with mods to make it more suitable for hard edging, huge kicker hits and deeper presses. With subtle tip and tail channels and a more aggressive rail profile, the Windsor offers the perfect amount of traction to give riders confidence around the corners, releasing off the water for air tricks, and landing with speed after hanging out in the air for a few seconds following kicker hits. The flex tips help riders lock into nose and tail presses with ease and the new size range from 141 up to 153 accommodates park riders of every size.

Why We Made It

We made the Windsor board to keep up with one of the fastest-paced cable riders in the world, James Windsor. From corner tricks to kickers to 270's on and 450's off, James is ALL OVER the park with arguably more water time than any other pro rider on our team.

Why You'll Love It

  • The Windsor is like a chameleon, adapting quickly to almost any riding style
  • From hard-edging corner and kicker fanatics to more tech-based rail junkies, every style of rider finds a bounty of success with the Windsor

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