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Buy Wakeboard but you do not know where to start? When buying a wakeboard comes a lot of looking. Which wakeboard brand is the best? Which model should I have? There is so much offer that you can not see the forest anymore through the trees. Fortunately, with these tips we've put together, you can make an excellent choice from the wide range of wakeboards and wakeboard sets. Of course we are also ready to give you advice on your purchase if you do not get it completely.

Buy Wakeboard Tip 1: Determine your budget. Perhaps the most important thing is to determine your budget. If you know what to maximize, you have a good start to making the choice. Too expensive boards will automatically lose weight and you may not find a completely new set within your budget and you can look for a second hand.

Buy Wakeboard Tip 2: Choose the right length. Determining the right size wakeboard is based on your weight, which has to do with the board's support. For an indication see our size chart.

Wakeboard buy tip 3: Determine the right type. There are roughly three types of wakeboards: for use by boat, cableway or both. Wakeboarding you just behind the cable car then the boards behind the boat already fall. You can of course still choose a board that can be used behind the boat.

Buy Wakeboard Tip 4: Choose the right rocker. The rocker is the shape of the bottom of the board, which can be a part of the experience of your wakeboard. There are two main types of rocker: continuous and three-stage, and there are again a number of variants such as five-stage and abrupt continuous. Here we can write a completely loose blog about and maybe we'll do that again, but the difference in general is that you have a fairly predictable ride with a continuous rocker and with a three-stage you have some extra aggression in movements of tip and tail (such as wake deposition).

Buy Wakeboard Tip 5: Ask Advice. There is always someone waiting for you at a cable car, wakeboards school or shop that you can advise. For example, if you want to know more, email us!

Buy Wakeboard Tip 6: Sell your old wakeboard. Your old board probably will not need you anymore. Sell ​​these and increase your budget, on Marketplace you can often lose it at a great price.

Wakeboard buy tip 7: Visit a test day. Various brands hold a test day for wakeboards and boots at various wakeboard locations in the Netherlands. An ideal opportunity to try before you buy. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the data.

Wakeboard buy tip 8: Take good boots. Make sure you have good boots on your wakeboard. If you have a brand new wakeboard but the boots that are on it are not good, you will not have anything new to your board. Read more about choosing wakeboard boots.

Buy Wakeboard Tip 9: Watch Where You Buy. Not every online or offline shop has the same conditions when it comes to buying items. Please note the terms of exchange, warranty and of course the service. Check out our reviews here.

Wakeboard buy tip 10: Cheap is expensive. Do not buy a wakeboard because of the low price, which often results in a disappointment. If you have a limited budget, you can always take a look at second-hand material or even spare time until you can buy a good board.