WakeboardOnline has a large collection of wakeskates from different brands. Wakeskating is a sport where you can stand on a board called wakeskate without using boots. Many tricks that you can do with this are similar to those of a skateboard like kickflips and ollies. Wakeskates are made of wood or composite and you can sail behind the boat and behind the cable car. You can also use obstacles with a wakeskate, but only the more expensive models have a grindbase.

Wakeskate rocker

Like wakeboards, wakeskates also have a rocker, a degree of curvature from the bottom. In this there are roughly 3 types:

  • Continuous rocker: a constant curvature that ensures smooth movements and speed
  • 3-stage rocker: the middle is flat and there is a direct transition to a curvature at tip and tail. This gives you more pop but you are a bit slower
  • Hybrid rocker: a combination of the above

Wakeskate size

Choosing a wakeskate is based on weight. The shorter a wakeskate is, the better it is to maneuver. With shorter wakeskates skateboard-like tricks are easier to perform.

  • 39 "- 41": suitable for riders from +/- 40kg to 80kg
  • 42 "- 43": suitable for riders from +/- 70kg to 90kg
  • 44 "- 46": suitable for riders from 85 kilos

This size chart can vary per brand and model!

Wakeskate types

Two types of wakeskates are available:

  • Concave: The most common wakeskate consisting of one whole
  • Bi-level: This wakeskate consists of two parts. A bottom that is similar to a normal wakeskate, and a top that is similar to a traditional skateboard deck. With a bi-level wakeskate you have more of the skateboard feeling and the wakeskate will stick better to your feet

In addition, two types of material are used for the top layer of a wakeskate:

  • Grip tape: similar to a skateboard. Best suited for when you wear shoes while waking
  • Foam / EVA: a soft layer of plastic. Very suitable if you want to wakes barefoot
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2020 Jobe Exceed Wakeskate

You know you made the right choice when you find yourself in an Ollie and Shuvit on a board engineer..

Ex Tax: €140.45

2020 Jobe Savage Wakeskate

You know you made the right choice when you find yourself on a board engineered to perform, such as ..

Ex Tax: €115.66

2021 Ronix Boomstick Bi Level Sintered Wakeskate

The bi-level Boomstick is composed of a solid, snappy, eco-friendly, super saucy wood with asmooth c..

Ex Tax: €330.54

2021 Ronix Electric Collective Wakeskate

Created with a smooth, explosive lift similar to the Boomstick, with built-in concave/kicktail for s..

Ex Tax: €206.57

2021 Ronix Rove Karver Wakeskate

Ever wanted to strip everything off a deck, slap some big ol’ fins on the back, chuck your boots and..

Ex Tax: €144.59

2021 Liquid Force Focus Wakeskate

Whether you are new to the sport or just a skater on a budget, the FOCUS is the perfect wake skate..

Ex Tax: €140.45
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