Wakesurfing is a sport where you move on a special surfboard on the wave of a (wakeboard) boat with a speed of about 16 kilometers per hour. A good rider of a wakesurfer is able to stay on the gate without having to use a rope and handle. Wake surfing is already unprecedented in America because there is (still) mainly behind the boat wakeboard. In the Netherlands, wakesurfing is also on the rise because it is a very fun activity to do. Especially if the water is just a little too rough for wakeboarding or wakeskating.

A wakesurfer is made of plastic and, like wakeboards, has a slight curvature at the bottom which is called rocker. However, this is less explicitly present.

To be able to wakesurfer a good fencewave is required. You can get this by getting enough weight on board the boat. This can be done by taking enough people with you or by adding ballast.

Wakesurfer types

Three types of wakesurfers can be distinguished

  • Surfer: these resemble traditional surfboards. They are often a little longer and therefore very stable so good to learn or just to sail
  • Skimmer: these are smaller and have less motive power. They are therefore very agile and very suitable for tricks
  • Hybrid: a combination of surfer and skimmer

Wakesurfer size

Wake surfers are measured in feet and inches instead of centimeters. There is no specific size chart for wake surfers because there is a very wide range of lengths, and the suitable length depends on the type of wakesurfer, what you want to do with it and who will sail on it.

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2020 Jobe Wakesurf Rope

You know you made the right choice when you find yourself on a board engineered to perform, such as ..

Ex Tax: €41.28

2021 Connelly Baja 4.10 Wakesurfer

Our Baja surfer highlights the benefits of epoxy construction with its light, buoyant feel that deli..

Ex Tax: €454.50

2021 Connelly Bentley Wakesurfer

Thermo Shell combines compression molded durability with the lightweight, high-performance capabilit..

Ex Tax: €413.18

2021 Connelly Benz Wakesurfer

The Benz has been a favorite of both skim and surf riders for many years, and in those years we've l..

Ex Tax: €479.30

2021 Connelly Big Easy 5.6 Wakesurfer

The Big Easy is geared for those riders looking to feel the edge working through the water. Our long..

Ex Tax: €545.41

2021 Connelly Cuda 4.8 Wakesurfer

2021 Connelly Cuda 4.8 Wakesurfer..

Ex Tax: €413.18

2021 Connelly Cuda 5.0 Wakesurfer

2021 Connelly Cuda 5.0 Wakesurfer..

Ex Tax: €413.18

2021 Connelly Dash 44 Kid's Wakesurfer

The Dash is fitted with a full EVA soft top riding surface that is less intimidating for young, smal..

Ex Tax: €206.57

2021 Connelly Fishbone 4.9 Wakesurfer

Connelly Skelecore takes another step into the future by utilizing our mass-reduction technology on ..

Ex Tax: €909.05

2021 Connelly Habit Wakesurfer

For those who like it fast and loose, the Habit is now available in a 56" size. Zero bottom features..

Ex Tax: €404.92

2021 Connelly Jet Wakesurfer

By far the most aggressive bottom shaping we’ve ever used on a surfer. The result is one of the most..

Ex Tax: €636.32

2021 Connelly Katana Wakesurfer

The folks in the Connelly Lab have outdone themselves. The high-intensity, advanced geometries of th..

Ex Tax: €619.79

2021 Connelly Kick Multi Purpose Board

The multifaceted yet simple design of the Kick makes it a staple for any boat, beach, or pool. Surf,..

Ex Tax: €123.93

2021 Connelly Laguna 4.6 Wakesurfer

Ding-free soft construction meets real wave riding performance with the Laguna. Dual wood stringers ..

Ex Tax: €247.89

2021 Connelly Lil Easy 4.6 Wakesurfer

Finally there's a true longboard for smaller, lighter riders. The Big Easy has been such a hit with ..

Ex Tax: €545.41
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