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Tower Lighting

Versatile and functional, the Classic 4 Light Bar lets you individually direct four spot lights forward and/or back, above or below your tower. An incorporated LED interior light adds increased in-boat visibility. The light bars are perfect for night time loading and unloading, docking, and traileri..
Ex Tax:€330.54
Roswell Nightvision 4
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This lightbar tower lighting features a brushed anodized aluminum finish with 316 stainless steel bracket. Lightbars come with dual Speakon quick connectors and lights can be rotated to face front and back. Features4x articulating 3W HP LED lamps Polycarbonate LED lenses Blue lens LED courtes..
Ex Tax:€528.88
The light output of this LED light bar is simply phenomenal, they produce a mass of cool white daylight (6500K), free of artifacts and focus dead spots. Their super efficient reflectors uses patented Hybrid Technology allowing these lights to run at 93% optical efficiency. Each LED light bar consist..
Ex Tax:€330.54
Light bar with 5 lights for wakeboardtower, wiring included..
€239.95 €299.95
Ex Tax:€198.31
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