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A piece of System footwear you can trust for support and flexibility with a more classic stylish look. Progressive Wakeboarding Footwear, Lighter – Stronger – Better. The Byerly by Hyperlite Brigade System Wakeboard Boot offers a more classic stylish look, new to the System line of ..
€239.95 €299.95
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2020 Hyperlite Lunchtray Wakeboard 2020 Hyperlite Lunchtray Wakeboard
Cable -36 %
The Lunchtray quickly became Nic Leduc’s board of choice from the Hyperlite Cable Collective. Mastermind shaper Aaron Stumpf, who brought us the Union, has engineered flex zones into the tip and tail so wakeboarders can press away while the flex under foot remains flawless. While pressing, the tip a..
€384.95 €599.95
Ex Tax:€318.14
2021 Hyperlite Blacklist Wakeboard 2021 Hyperlite Blacklist Wakeboard
Cable -35 %
Challenging Graeme and Aaron to enhance the ever popular Wishbone shape is no easy task. Nonetheless, they did just that starting with a narrower profile for quicker edge to edge response and a continuous rocker for a faster feel. With a clean base design and tip / tail pipe tunnel the Black List lo..
€389.95 €599.95
Ex Tax:€322.27
2021 Hyperlite Codyak Wakeboard 2021 Hyperlite Codyak Wakeboard
Cable -27 %
Cody Hesse is a Valdosta Wake Compound native, he’s spent more time riding there than any other wake park. This experience has provided Cody a chance to ride almost every board out there and the Codyak is his vision. Selecting his favorite features and working with Aaron Stumpf to ensure the best co..
€349.95 €479.95
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2021 Hyperlite Franchise LTD 142 Wakeboard 2021 Hyperlite Franchise LTD 142 Wakeboard
Boat -19 %
The Franchise is an innovative shape that anyone can strap into and feel at home on. The continuous rocker lays the foundation for a fast board that carves and edges with ease. The Franchise features innovative Tapered Channels that narrow at the tip and tail aligning the Dual Fin Configuration to i..
€314.95 €389.95
Ex Tax:€260.29
2021 Hyperlite Franchise LTD Wakeboard with Remix Boots
Boat -15 %
2021 Hyperlite Franchise LTD Wakeboard with Remix Boots Package..
€529.95 €619.95
Ex Tax:€437.98
2021 Hyperlite Indy CGA Blue Wakeboard Vest..
€74.95 €89.95
Ex Tax:€61.94
The Remix boot is a supportive but easy-to-get-into adjustable boot. It features Dual Lace Zones like more expensive boots, but the plushness you come to expect from an open-toe. The 3D molded tongue provides maximum comfort with no sacrificed board control. The Remix is an excellent choice for begi..
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Need some extra hardware?  We've got you covered!..
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