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Roswell Elite Waterski Rack

Roswell Elite Waterski Rack
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Roswell Elite Waterski Rack
Ex Tax: €413.18
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  • Model: 33731
  • UPC: 7910-2034
  • EAN: 7426790002001

The Elite Ski racks feature machined finish tines and a backing plate with the black RWA logo medallion and integrated webbed bungee strap with loop. It will hold 1 pair of ski’s up to 1 inch thick.

• Holds one pair of water skis
• Brushed anodized ski backing plate with bungee hook
• Brushed clear coated ski tines
• Webbed bungee strap with loop
• Black RWA logo medallion

• Tine Spread
29.0 in 73.66 cm

• Ski Tine Gap
1.00 in 2.54 cm

• Material
6061 aluminum

• Mounting Hardware
316 stainless steel

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