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Roswell SI Board Rack Swivel

Roswell SI Board Rack Swivel
Roswell SI Board Rack Swivel
Ex Tax: €239.63
  • Availability: Backorder
  • Model: 26076
  • UPC: 7910-0062
  • EAN: 7426790002353

The SI Swivel system is a competitively priced upgrade to increase the convenience and functionality of your board rack. With three locking positions, the SI Swivel allows safe loading and unloading of your boards without concern of dropping your board or damaging any boating equipment.

• Machined from billet aluminum with a brushed anodized finish
• Anti-vibration rubber dampener
• 3 Locking positions: (90º out of boat, 45º straight back, and 90º into boat)
• To lock or unlock you must compress dampeners
• Easy pull manual locking pin
• Upgrade for any Roswell rack
• Includes adaptor plate for Universal Clamp
• Saltwater friendly

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