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Complete set to mount all 6X bindings.One set contains:4x 6X Angle Lock + washer4x M6 screws..
Ex Tax:€10.70
Use to mount any 2011 or oUse to mount any 2011 or older LF binding or ANY competitors bindings to a 2012 or newer LF Metric insert Board..
Ex Tax:€6.57
Replacement Binding hardware for Slingshot 2018-19 Wake Boots. (1 piece)Package Includes:  1 Clamp, 1 Screw, 2 Washers, 1 Nylon Washer..
Ex Tax:€10.70
(4 SS female t-nuts, 6 SS tapered washers, 6 SS tapers screws 10-24x1/2", 4 Nylon Washers)Compatible products:All Slingshot boards equipped with the Slingshot Fastrack Mounting System...
Ex Tax:€20.62
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