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3 person tubes

Be a fool and climb on Jobe's Chaser to have the time of your life. This is some serious towable to ride with friends & family. Its tough 840 nylon double-stitched outer layer protects the 28 gauge PVC-base and the tube from damaging. Hold on tight to its comfortable neoprene wrapped handles. Featur..
Ex Tax:€223.10
2020 Jobe Lunar Funtube 3 person
-20 %
This 3 person Airstream towable has two tow points for endless fun, no matter which way you use it. Easily connect with the 'quick connector' to its two tow points and switch from sitting back to its comfy inflatable back support to a sporty kneeling positions. This family-fun tube has been equipped..
€399.95 €499.95
Ex Tax:€330.54
2020 Jobe Proton Funtube 3 person
-24 %
The proton towable is the newest addition to our towable collection and handsdown the safest towable around. We've made the headrest extra high for optimal support and safety. This towable is manufactured with a 840 denier nylon cover, which makes it a strong and durable one. ..
€349.95 €459.95
Ex Tax:€289.21
This towable spins your head right round! The revolve is equipped with neoprene pads for a very comfortable ride. The quick connector allows effortless rope connection and disconnection, so you can get on the water in no time. The Revolve is equipped with with 4 luxurious neoprene knuckle-guard hand..
Ex Tax:€330.54
2020 Jobe Scout Funtube 3 person
-21 %
This is what they call a sweet ride. Keep that airline flow going with this 2-person towable with luxurious tapered shape for easy entry. This is truly a fun towable, providing a crazy combination of excitement, stability and comfy seating comfort. It's broad widespan and round shape make it glide e..
€269.95 €339.95
Ex Tax:€223.10
Ai caramba, hold on! The sea-esta can hold up to 3 persons and is the perfect addition for all sun seeking families & friends. Featuring 12 deluxe foam-filled handles with neoprene knuckle protection, our thrill seekers can go for a fun filled ride on their belly on its neoprene seat pad, or relax a..
Ex Tax:€537.15
The Triplet towable is our most affordable 3 person towable. In your own safe and comfy cockpit users feel safe and secure while riding big waves. This fun maker has been covered in 840 denier tough nylon, which is way stronger than most of our competitors, and has an extra safety chamber. The Tripl..
Ex Tax:€198.31
2021 Connelly Cruzer Soft Top 3 Towable Tube 2021 Connelly Cruzer Soft Top 3 Towable Tube
-19 %
Ultra Plush Concave Deck Tube Features 70" L x 70" W (deflated), pre-assembled with 1-year warranty 3 rider tube with concave top deck shaping with a low center of gravity "D" shaped with a tapered front to back design 420D Soft Top Neoprene cover with heavy-duty bladder 6 fully padded handle..
€299.95 €369.95
Ex Tax:€247.89
The Saturn is like no other tube out there. Utilizing HO Sports' Patented Sphere Technology, the Saturn delivers a unique ride by utilizing a single sphere surrounded by an asymmetrical, oversized deck. Riders kneel on the Softshell deck and adjust their body position to keep the tube upright in a t..
Ex Tax:€454.50
This isn't our first Rodeo! Introducing the Jobe Rodeo Towable 3P! Hang on cowboy, this boat tube is built for fun. Featuring a super strong double stitched 840 denier nylon cover and 8 super comfortable and convenient handles, the Rodeo towable is built to last. Will you? ..
Ex Tax:€413.18
2022 HO Sports Molecule Towable Tube
-20 %
The Molecule uses the latest and most innovative technology in inflatables to perform like no other tube has ever dreamed! Its innovative, patented design isn’t just for looks. Using 3 spheres, the center platform is suspended above the water with only the spheres contacting the surface. This dramat..
€879.95 €1,099.95
Ex Tax:€727.23
Seatbelts fastened? Climb on board on the Airstream and be prepared for a bumpy flight. This is one of our top sellers and for good reason. The Airstream has been manufactured with a 840 denier nylon cover, which makes the Airstream stronger than most competitors. Its well-thought out form gives use..
Ex Tax:€272.69
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