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A life jacket is indispensable if you want to practice wakeboarding or other water sports. A vest is mandatory for all cable cars in the Netherlands, and you must also provide a life jacket behind the boat. There are specific wakeboard vests (impact vests) but also life jackets that are intended for more general use such as water skiing or on a funtube. A life jacket must fit well, but it must be comfortable. A vest stretches something over time and adjusts to your body. When buying a life jacket, make sure that it is not too loose. In addition to being uncomfortable, this can also be dangerous.

Types of life jackets

There are roughly two types of life jackets:

Impact vests (wakeboard vest)

These vests are light, flexible and have buoyancy, but less than buoyancy vests. The life jacket often has separate panels and is also intended to protect against the "impact" that you can get from a hit on the water or against an obstacle.

Floatation vests (USCGA vest)

Floatation vests have more buoyancy than impact vests (wakeboard vests) but are a lot less comfortable for wakeboarding because they are thicker. Many of these life jackets are CGA approved. A quality mark of the American coastguard that guarantees good motive power and good connection through attractive belts
A life jacket with zipper pulls on and off easily. The zipper can be on the front or on the side. Overhead life jackets have no closure and you have to put them over your head like a t-shirt. You then have no problems with zippers that close badly, open or wear out. Putting it on and taking it off is a bit more difficult, but with the tip to put an arm through the arm hole and then flip over your head it is a lot easier. Many cardigans are fitted with straps. This gives you the option to tighten the life jacket around your waist and to fit it better.


Almost all life jackets are nowadays made from neoprene. This material has the property that it fits well with the body, is soft and flexible. In addition, neoprene keeps your body warm better than traditional nylon life jackets.

Choosing the size

To choose the right size for a life jacket, 3 sizes are important

  • Chest circumference: the most important indication for the size. Measured at the widest point.
  • The hip circumference: also measured at the widest point
  • Body length.

You can then see in the size chart which size would fit best.

2018 Brunotti Faded Wakevest FZ Women Vest Purple
Hot -29 %
Brand: Brunotti
2018 Brunotti Faded Wakevest FZ Women Vest Purple..
€84.95 €119.95
Ex Tax:€70.21
Brand: Follow
BP’?s signature vest represents 8 years of R&D, expect epic durability, comfort and style for days. The ProFit tapered outline will keep the vest snug to your body. Duraprene neoprene is as tough as nails but still soft and stretchy on the inside. Duel layer neoprene construction. Feather weight foa..
Ex Tax:€115.66
2019 Follow S.P.R. Regular Impact Vest - Royal 2019 Follow S.P.R. Regular Impact Vest - Royal
-29 %
Brand: Follow
Just one small step in the direction to creating more sustainable production process. As wakeboarders, nature is our playground, meaning we rely on our rivers, lakes, dams and their surroundings for wakeboarding to exist. At Follow – we have been spending some time improving the quality of our air a..
€99.95 €139.95
Ex Tax:€82.60
2019 Hyperlite Relapse Impact Vest
-24 %
Brand: Hyperlite
The Relapse Jacket is all new for 2019 with a sleek new appearance offering impact protection and mobility for your Wakeboard adventure. Foam panels are strategically placed for protection and segmented for fluidity. If you ride with a set of keys or a camera utilize one of 2 stash pockets for your ..
€144.95 €189.95
Ex Tax:€119.79
2019 Jobe Unify Vest Men Red
-18 %
Brand: Jobe
Imagine you and your best friends on a boat, some drinks, the sun on your face and a warm summer breeze. The last thing you want to worry about is about safety or comfort. We got the solution: the Jobe Unify vests. This year's approved Unify vest offers the comfort and clean neoprene look of an impa..
€89.95 €109.95
Ex Tax:€74.34
2020 Follow Coastline Impact Vest - Navy 2020 Follow Coastline Impact Vest - Navy
-18 %
Brand: Follow
Featuring the timeless Follow branding and quality materials and construction you’ve come to expect from us over the last nine years. Duel layer neoprene construction. Happy Fit for extra movements and comfort. Full segment foam flex panels. Feather weight foam, the softest and lightest we can find...
€89.95 €109.95
Ex Tax:€74.34
2020 Follow Fresco Mens Impact Jacket - White
Hot -19 %
Brand: Follow
When we began construction on the Fresco we had one thing in mind: high-end simplicity. Technical in all of its features, this vest is the first of its kind, segmented but hidden. Demanding to be worn, its outer neo shapes perfectly to your torso. Massi says that this is the jacket to pack for a pro..
€129.95 €159.95
Ex Tax:€107.40
2020 Follow Raph Collection Mens Impact Jacket - Black
-17 %
Brand: Follow
Who is Raph?? Don’t you know his social media? Minimalistic and stylish, Raph wanted a shorter cut vest that was based off the S.P.R short. If you find other vests sitting too low around your waist then our shorter line length is for you. Using nothing but the best of the best in materials, its dual..
€99.95 €119.95
Ex Tax:€82.60
Brand: Follow
Pull on this jacket and you can be sure it will keep you comfortable from the epic early Spring days to the depths of the European winter. With our TrueFit liner fabric and dual stash pockets, this jacket offers clean lines, minimal branding and an insanely comfortable fit. A 2mm debossed chest logo..
Ex Tax:€156.98
Brand: Jobe
Jobe's 4 Buckle Vest is a 50N buoyancy aid and is fully constructed with the strongest nylon. Both the front- and the side of the 4 Buckle Vest are constructed with soft PVC-foam panels on the front and EPE-foam panels on the back to offer comfort and give additional protection. This vest comes with..
Ex Tax:€49.55
Brand: Jobe
Jobe's 50 Newton Bodywarmer combines the casual look of a bodywarmer with the safety of a 50N buoyancy aid. The use of strong lightweight nylon and a perfect fit makes this a very comfortable vest to wear. The water drainage system ensures no water remains in the pockets of the vest. 2 D-rings make ..
Ex Tax:€66.07
Brand: Jobe
Jobe's 50 Newton Bodywarmer combines the casual look of a bodywarmer with the safety of a 50N buoyancy aid. The use of strong lightweight nylon and a perfect fit makes this a very comfortable vest to wear. The water drainage system ensures no water remains in the pockets of the vest. 2 D-rings make ..
Ex Tax:€66.07
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