We’ve all dreamt of taking flight without the everyday boundaries of life to keep us grounded (gravity, wheels, physics, the ole ball ‘n’ chain, etc.). Some experience this sensation while snowboarding in chest-deep pow. Others find it free-falling thousands of feet out of planes.

Now with WAKEFOIL®, this feeling is no more than a boat ride away. With this new hydrofoil setup, you will fly high behind any boat type, and in any water and weather conditions. Hydrodynamics meets aerodynamics in the sleek design of the WAKEFOIL®. It allows you to effortlessly cut through the wildest wind chop and slice through the calmest of sheet glass, all while floating you high above the water. 

Get ready for the wind in your face, the air under your feet and the incredible, thrilling sensation. Get your WAKEFOIL® today.

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Wakefoil Bindings

The WAKEFOIL Mens Binding is a great addition to the Complete Package! This is the ideal bindi..

Excl. BTW: €206,57

Wakefoil Board

The WAKEFOIL Board is designed to be the perfect board for all ages, sizes and riding styles. Its ae..

Excl. BTW: €437,98
Wakefoil Complete Package -6%

Wakefoil Complete Package

The WAKEFOIL Complete Package is everything you need to change the game and Elevate Your Ride this s..

€1.439,95 €1.349,95
Excl. BTW: €1.115,66

Wakefoil EVA Surf Pad

The WAKEFOIL EVA Surf Pad transforms your board into the ultimate surfing machine! It is designed fo..

Excl. BTW: €99,13
Wakefoil Foil Set -22%

Wakefoil Foil Set

The WAKEFOIL Foil System is the perfect replacement set up when you find it's time to tune up your r..

€1.149,95 €899,95
Excl. BTW: €743,76

Wakefoil Front Wing

The WAKEFOIL low aspect front wing offers the perfect surface area to lift profile for first time hy..

Excl. BTW: €289,21

Wakefoil Hardware Kit

Everything you need to assemble your new WAKEFOIL foil system!  Includes: (2) M8 x 60m..

Excl. BTW: €49,55

Wakefoil Mast Large

The WAKEFOIL 36in alloy mast is aerodynamically built to slice through any and all water conditions ..

Excl. BTW: €247,89

Wakefoil Mast Small

The WAKEFOIL 24in alloy mast is the perfect length for beginners and the only length for surfing. It..

Excl. BTW: €198,31

Wakefoil Rear Wing

The WAKEFOIL low aspect rear wing is perfectly shaped and angled for behind the boat glide speeds an..

Excl. BTW: €165,25

Wakefoil Travel Bag

The travel bag is ESSENTIAL for any one purchasing a WAKEFOIL Package or Foil Set. You won't want to..

Excl. BTW: €99,13