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Demo products are items that have been used during test days, have been in the showroom or cannot be sold as a completely new item for any other reason. These may have scratches, minor damage or other cosmetic damage, but are always functionally usable as a product. We try to state the status of the product as accurately as possible in the product description.



This depends on the availability of the products. If these are immediately available, they are often shipped the same day. Products that are not in stock are given backorder status and will be delivered when they are in.

This varies per article and per season. Usually items with status 'backorder' are delivered in +/- 3 weeks, but for more information about delivery please contact us.

Wakeboard Boots

All binding sizes are in US size, unless mentioned otherwise.


The wakeboard size that is best suited depends on your height and weight. Check out our size chart to see which wakeboard length suits you best.
Riding a bigger wakeboard has some advantages like more stability, softer landings and better control. Read our blogpost to learn more about riding a bigger wakeboard.

First determine where you want to use the wakeboard: cable, boat or both. You can then determine the required length based on your height and weight with our size chart. We have an online tool on the website with which you can make a selection yourself, or request extensive personal advice.