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Do you want to buy a wakeboard? WakeboardOnline has the largest collection of a-brand wakeboards in Europe. We sell wakeboards from Ronix, Hyperlite, Liquid Force, Slingshot, Jobe, DUP, Humanoid and Goodboards, among others. We have a suitable wakeboard for everyone in our range: men, women and kids and suitable for your budget. Need help with your purchase? Complete our advice form and we will provide you with suitable advice. Of course you can also email us, call (088-555 33 98) or reach us via chat or whatsapp.

Wakeboard types

There are 3 types of wakeboards:

  • Cable wakeboards: often have a wooden core for more flexibility and are ideally equipped with a reinforced bottom (gravel base) and sides (sidewalls) for use on obstacles;
  • Boat wakeboards: are often somewhat stiffer than cable wake boards and have (removable) fins for more stability;
  • Crossover wakeboards: suitable for use behind both boat and cable, but not the most ideal for both.

Wakeboard size

Determining the right size for your wakeboard is based on your height and weight. Your weight is important because your board must have sufficient capacity to let you glide over the water without too much effort. Larger boards have more surface area and therefore more bearing capacity. View our size chart for an indication of the length you need.

Wakeboard rocker

The shape of the bottom of a wakeboard is called a rocker. This influences how the board sails and behaves when it is sold and when there are obstacles. There are roughly 4 types of rockers:

  • Continuous: a constant curve (banana). Drives smoothly and predictably. With this you usually jump further;
  • 3-stage: A flat center piece and a curve at the tip and tail. This drives more aggressively, you can better pop with it. With this you usually jump higher;
  • Hybrid: A combination between continuous and 3-stage. There are various forms and they all try to combine the best of the aforementioned rockers;
  • Camber: This is taken from snowboards. Wakeboards with camber have a bulging in the middle section. With this, your weight is distributed differently on the water, which results in a completely different experience. Is usually only used for boat wake boards.

Want to more? Read our blog with 10 tips when buying a wakeboard.

2022 Liquid Force Butterstick Wakeboard 2022 Liquid Force Butterstick Wakeboard
Hot Cable -25 %
A super versatile park board, at an incredible price. The Buttertick comes ready to rock with several of our tried and true features. What sets it apart from other boards is its unique 2D Flex Zone tips. These uniquely soft but reinforced tips allow the board to bend and flex on rails or on the wat..
€344.95 €459.95
Ex Tax:€285.08
2022 Liquid Force FLX Wakeboard 2022 Liquid Force FLX Wakeboard
Cable -25 %
Flex your board, not your wallet! The FLX's wood core keeps it loose on the water, yet springy and responsive on rails. Liquid Rail sidewalls and our exclusive GRIND base make it ultra-durable and adds to the lifespan of your board. Whether it's your first park board, or you're looking to add a smo..
€359.95 €479.95
Ex Tax:€297.48
2022 Liquid Force Fury Wakeboard
Boat -25 %
The Fury is all about helping kids progress and improve their riding. As they grow, the boards grow with them. The 115 a has mellow 3-stage rocker with a soft edge, the 120 features a more aggressive 3-stage rocker with a subtle sharpness to the edge, and the 125 has an aggressive rocker with a s..
€224.95 €299.95
Ex Tax:€185.91
2022 Liquid Force Illusion Wakeboard 2022 Liquid Force Illusion Wakeboard
Cable -25 %
The most confidence inspiring cable machine LF has ever created...this board performs at a high level, yet certain features allow riders to focus more on the fun and less on the challenge of riding. After one lap on the new Illusion, you'll probably get rid of all the other boards in your quiver. I..
€464.95 €619.95
Ex Tax:€384.26
2022 Liquid Force Peak Wakeboard 2022 Liquid Force Peak Wakeboard
Cable -25 %
Our most popular park board built with an emphasis on direct response. For the rider focused on edge control and pop off kickers and rails. Year after year, the art on Nico's board never ceases to amaze us. Always conveying a story of progression and life and on the water. With a full P..
€464.95 €619.95
Ex Tax:€384.26
2022 Liquid Force Rant Wakeboard 2022 Liquid Force Rant Wakeboard
Cable -25 %
Don't be fooled by the size, the Rant packs a mean punch as LF's performance park board for groms. Uniquely designed with all the same characteristics of an adult park board, but in a size appropriate package for groms. The all wood core profile provides great response and the added flex needed to ..
€299.95 €399.95
Ex Tax:€247.89
2022 Liquid Force Raph Wakeboard 2022 Liquid Force Raph Wakeboard
Cable -25 %
For those looking for the loosest and smoothest ride you can get out of a durable park board! Raph is a mysterious fellow, and doesn't let much out until he's ready to blow your socks off...he never disappoints, ever. With a fresh new graphic, the Raph is back and ready to continue ruling the park ..
€414.95 €549.95
Ex Tax:€342.93
2022 Liquid Force Remedy Aero Wakeboard 2022 Liquid Force Remedy Aero Wakeboard
Boat -25 %
If hard charging, high flying action is what you're looking for, the AERO Remedy is built for you...designed with speed, pop, and lightweight maneuverability at the forefront! Weighing in at an astonishing 5.35 lbs, the AERO Remedy remains one of the LIGHTEST boards in the market. Its split-tip sha..
€564.95 €749.95
Ex Tax:€466.90
2022 Liquid Force Remedy Wakeboard 2022 Liquid Force Remedy Wakeboard
Boat -24 %
For any rider that values edge control and speed over other features...the Remedy will have you charging into and off of today's modern wakes like no other! Ever find yourself feeling like your riding is not where you want it to be? Maybe Harley's board is this "Remedy" you've been needing! With an..
€339.95 €449.95
Ex Tax:€280.95
2022 Liquid Force Rhyme Wakeboard 2022 Liquid Force Rhyme Wakeboard
Boat -25 %
A purpose built board with a lower profile and extra core strength, designed to be loose and fast and to cut through chop and fly up any monster wake! As one of the top wakeboarders on the scene, Guenther needed a board that can keep up with him! The Rhyme has tons of board feel and rebound, with m..
€444.95 €589.95
Ex Tax:€367.73
2022 Liquid Force Tao Wakeboard 2022 Liquid Force Tao Wakeboard
Cable -25 %
A High flying, bullet proof, monster of a park board! For those riders that put serious stress on their board and expect it to hold up under tough circumstances! Find yourself hungry for more at the park? Elevate your riding and your inner foodie by ordering up a 2022 n' fresh off the gri..
€464.95 €619.95
Ex Tax:€384.26
2022 Liquid Force The Bullox Wakeboard 2022 Liquid Force The Bullox Wakeboard
Boat -24 %
A serious wake machine for those looking for the aggressive edge control that leads to explosive pop off the top of modern wakes. Brand new for 2022, it's a pleasure to present Fynn's Bullock's signature Pro Model...The Bullox. An incredible board packed with loads of features, and still at an affo..
€354.95 €469.95
Ex Tax:€293.35
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