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We offer a wide range of wakeboardboots from Ronix, Hyperlite, CWB, Liquid Force, Slingshot, Jobe and more. One important decision to make is if you prefer open toe or closed toe boots. Boots with open toe are more flexible (but less supportive) and are easier to put on. Also, they can be shared with multiple people because of the wide size range. This can come in handy when wakeboarding behind a boat and there is no space to bring a board for everyone. Closed toe boots are tied to a specific size, like regular shoes. The are more supportive than open toe boots, but the level of support is different for every model and brand. You can find more information about wakeboardboots here (Dutch). Check out the boots size charts here, but beware: most closed boots tend to be small!

2013 Byerly The Byerly System Binding
-56 %
2013 Byerly The Byerly System Binding..
€69.95 €159.95
Ex Tax:€57.81
2015 CWB Prizm Wakeboard Boots
-39 %
Gabe Lucas and Kaesen Suyderhoud are 2 stylish dudes that like to protect their feet whether they're at the local cable park or out winching over a spillway on the Rio Grande. The removable inner neoprene booty stays on your feet while the outer shell stays attached to your board making it easy and ..
€244.95 €399.95
Ex Tax:€202.44
2019 Connelly Empire Boot
-26 %
The Empire boot design can accommodate a wide array of foot sizes with a liner that stretches out or cinches down to the desired fit. An easy to use single lace pulls your heel back into an ergonomically shaped pocket for pro-style response. Our Infinity Plate chassis is the strongest in the industr..
€179.95 €241.95
Ex Tax:€148.72
2019 Hyperlite Brigade System Boots 2019 Hyperlite Brigade System Boots
-27 %
A piece of System footwear you can trust for support and flexibility with a more classic stylish look. Progressive Wakeboarding Footwear, Lighter – Stronger – Better. The Byerly by Hyperlite Brigade System Wakeboard Boot offers a more classic stylish look, new to the System line of ..
€219.95 €299.95
Ex Tax:€181.78
2020 Liquid Force Riot 4D Wakeboard Boots USED
-54 %
Used a few times, in very good shapeHarley Clifford continues to charge harder and go bigger. As Harley pushes to new limits, The Liquid Force Riot 4D must do the same. Every professional rider has ups and downs in their careers. Because Harley’s ups and downs happen to be bigger than most, the 4D R..
€219.95 €479.95
Ex Tax:€181.78
2020 Liquid Force Vale 4D Wakeboard Boots USED
-42 %
Used a few times, in good shapeAnna Nikstad absolutely crushes it and she needs a binding that does the same. Wake park rider of the year and much more, Anna is unstoppable! The 2020 Vale 4D is her choice for hitting any and all obstacles. The Vale 4D gives Anna the control and support she needs to ..
€279.95 €479.95
Ex Tax:€231.36
2021 Connelly Draft Boot 2021 Connelly Draft Boot
-29 %
All the bells and whistles of our top-end pro boots with an open toe design. Utilizing the industry's lightest, strongest, best fitting Infinity Plate System the Draft boots transfer more energy from your feet to the board for added response. Dual lace zones guarantee flawless fit over the top of yo..
€199.95 €279.95
Ex Tax:€165.25
The Remix boot is a supportive but easy-to-get-into adjustable boot. It features Dual Lace Zones like more expensive boots, but the plushness you come to expect from an open-toe. The 3D molded tongue provides maximum comfort with no sacrificed board control. The Remix is an excellent choice for begi..
Ex Tax:€198.31
2021 Hyperlite Team Boots 2021 Hyperlite Team Boots
-34 %
The Team open toe binding was built for a rider looking for the feel and functionality of a supportive mid flex boot with the adjustability of an open toe. The slightly higher cuff and Seamless Liner Construction allows for additional support with a comfortable fit. The adjustable open toe design ma..
€209.95 €319.95
Ex Tax:€173.51
The Jobe Host Wakeboard Bindings Black are a comfortable and ergonomic bindings for any size feet. The binding comes with soft heel pads for a perfect foot placement. Featuring soft and comfortable foot support with Velcro straps for fast entry, these bindings are hard to beat! The Host Wakeboard Bi..
Ex Tax:€181.78
The Jobe Nitro Wakeboard Binding is a hit! This closed-toe wakeboard binding had proven it's worth and was a direct hit when it hit the shelves. The Nitro binding has the most favorable price-quality ratio out there and is loved for it. The comfortable foam liner gives this binding a soft feel, whil..
Ex Tax:€247.89
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