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2023 Slingshot Bearden Wakeboard

2023 Slingshot Bearden Wakeboard
2023 Slingshot Bearden Wakeboard
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The Bearden 156 is a special signature edition of the Terrain wakeboard but with the addition of Chined Rails - designed for everyone's favorite "Space Grom," Mr. Crosse Bearden. Crosse's moves on the water, dirt, grass and more will leave your jaw on the ground, and the Terrain has been his board of choice to make it all happen! The soft flex allows riders to sink deeper into presses and hold them for longer than ever before, and the wide profile is like a cheat code for making it to the end of every obstacle riders come across.

Why We Made It

We made the Bearden to celebrate one of the most progressive, humble, and appreciative pro riders in the sport of wakeboarding: Crosse Bearden. It's based off of one of our top-selling models, with small upgrades to meet the needs of the best riders in the park.

Why You'll Love It

  • You'll love the Bearden because of it's speed and freedom on the water and the ease of pressability on rails

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