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We’ve all dreamt of taking flight without the everyday boundaries of life to keep us grounded (gravity, wheels, physics, the ole ball ‘n’ chain, etc.). Some experience this sensation while snowboarding in chest-deep pow. Others find it free-falling thousands of feet out of planes.

Now with WAKEFOIL®, this feeling is no more than a boat ride away. With this new hydrofoil setup, you will fly high behind any boat type, and in any water and weather conditions. Hydrodynamics meets aerodynamics in the sleek design of the WAKEFOIL®. It allows you to effortlessly cut through the wildest wind chop and slice through the calmest of sheet glass, all while floating you high above the water. 

Get ready for the wind in your face, the air under your feet and the incredible, thrilling sensation. Get your WAKEFOIL® today.

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