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Wetsuits are a crucial piece of gear for many water sports enthusiasts, providing thermal insulation and protection against abrasions. When looking to purchase a wetsuit, there are a few key factors to consider to ensure you are getting the best suit for your needs.

First, consider the type of water sport you will be using the wetsuit for. Different sports require different thicknesses and types of wetsuits.

Next, consider the water temperature in which you will be using the wetsuit. Wetsuits come in various thicknesses, with thicker suits providing more insulation for colder water and thinner suits for warmer water. It's important to choose a wetsuit that is appropriate for the temperature of the water you will be in to ensure you stay warm and comfortable.

Another important factor to consider is fit. A wetsuit that is too tight can restrict movement and be uncomfortable, while a wetsuit that is too loose can let in water and reduce insulation.

Finally, consider the brand and price of the wetsuit. We only offer a-quality, each with their own unique features and price points.

Overall, when looking to purchase a wetsuit, it's important to consider the type of water sport, water temperature, fit, and brand. With the right wetsuit, you'll be able to stay warm and comfortable while enjoying your favorite water sport.

2018 Follow Men's Pro 3/2mm Sealed Steamer Navy
-30 %
2018 Follow Men's Pro 3/2mm Sealed Steamer Navy..
€159.95 €229.95
Ex Tax:€132.19
2019 Follow Atlantis Longsleeve Springy - Black
-30 %
Our super 4 way stretch jersey laminated to our super soft foam creates the best neoprene in the Industry. Our super soft foam is lite, soft and supple making up our super stretchy neoprene. B-Lock is a 100% stretch seam and the most flexible stitch on the market. All high stress areas are reinforce..
€104.95 €149.95
Ex Tax:€86.74
From raw material selection, right up to fit and function, we take no shortcuts. We believe it’s the little things that make a world of difference to a performance wetsuit. Our super 4 way stretch jersey laminated to our super soft foam creates the best neoprene in the Industry. Our super soft foam ..
Ex Tax:€231.36
2019 Jobe Aspen 5/3mm Wetsuit Women
Soon available
Innovation and good looks come together in Jobe's uberfeminine Aspen. This best-selling cold-water suit keeps you warm and pretty with a maximum of 5mm neoprene. Added thermo drainage-fabric keeps the warmth close to your body and helps wick away the water when necessary. Aspen is the warmest wetsui..
Ex Tax:€214.83
2019 Jobe Boston 3/2mm Wetsuit Kids Pink
-19 %
The best suit is a wetsuit. This one makes use of nuclear flex neoprene which gives you the ultimate feeling of freedom. Next to the fact that it simply looks good, the inside is ultra-soft due to a comfortable stitch construction. The added ultra-resistant and ultra-high endurance kneepads protect ..
€64.95 €79.95
Ex Tax:€53.68
2019 Jobe Drysuit
-13 %
Jobe's dry suit is one to take seriously. Its 320 denier breathable nylon fabric with tricot coating and taped waterproof seams will keep you dry and warm in all circumstances. Latex neck, wrist and ankle seals and its high-tech waterproof zipper keep all water out. Cover yourself in our fin..
€399.95 €459.95
Ex Tax:€330.54
A wetsuit for the kids who?s always out on the water, no matter the conditions. The Jobe Malmo wetsuit is a thicker 5/3, that uses a warm thermo liner to keep you warm at all times. The front zipper combined with a stretch neoprene makes for flexible wetsuit that provides ultimate freedom of movemen..
Ex Tax:€132.19
2019 Jobe Victoria 3/2mm Wetsuit Women Bordeaux
Soon available
This beauty is produced with meltdown technology at the chest and back providing warmth, comfort and flexibility during your watersport activities. The chestzip on the front keeps the water entry to a minimum and provides maximum flex on the back area. The combination of advanced technologies makes ..
Ex Tax:€165.25
2020 Follow Zipperless Pro 3/2MM - Black
-21 %
The Zipperless Pro Steamer has the most movement and comfort available in the range. With the blind-stitched glued seams to create a watertight seal you’ll retain body heat more easily and efficiently. Completely internally taped seams ensure no water leaks in, while the Super large zipperless neck ..
€219.95 €279.95
Ex Tax:€181.78
With a good basic you'll have endless options, our designers thought, when they designed the Atlanta Fullsuit 2mm. And a cute basic is good for your wallet. Mix-and-match our Atlanta Full suit with a matching vest or other accessories and nail the water sport goals of this season with a whol..
Ex Tax:€82.60
Keep it simple with our most easy Savannah Fullsuit 2MM in the range. Easy to enter and a perfect match with Jobe wide variety of colourful vests. Fully engineered with stretchy neoprene and constructed with soft & flexible stitched seams. Equipped with a back zipper, for those ladies wh..
Ex Tax:€82.60
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